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Frequently Asked Questions

How far offshore will you go?

We stay within a half a mile from shore so you can enjoy the scenery of the coast.

Can we bring strollers aboard the ship?

Due to safety regulations, you cannot bring strollers aboard our boats. You are welcome to bring a car carrier on board, but no strollers.

Do I bring my own life jacket?

There is no need. We have plenty of life vests for everyone on board, even children. Just arrive at the dock ready to experience a wonderful sightseeing cruise.

May I bring my dog?

For the safety of your pets we do not allow dogs aboard our cruises. However, if you have a service dog, we welcome them, provided they are wearing a Coast Guard approved dog safety vest.

Will we get in the water with the dolphins?

For your safety and for everyone aboard, we do not allow swimming from our boats. Our tours are strictly for your sightseeing enjoyment. But be assured, you will have a wonderful experience enjoying the dolphins and the beautiful scenery of Shell Island from the open comfort of our deck.

Where do I sit?

There is plenty of room for anyone who would like to have a seat. But don’t feel obligated to sit during our cruise! You are more than welcome to stand along the rail and enjoy the beautiful scenery or move about the ship while we are underway. And of course everyone enjoys our hula-hoop competition, water canon fights and other fun games.

Will I get seasick?

We certainly hope not! The speed of our boats usually makes for a smooth ride to Shell Island. If you are worried or prone to motion sickness, be sure to take medication early enough prior to setting sail (please read label instructions) to be sure it’s working. If you or anyone in your group begins to feel queasy, please make the Captain or one of the crew aware and we will try to help.

What happens if it rains?

It’s not uncommon for weather on the Florida coast to be inconsistent. It’s entirely possible for rain to be falling in your area, but still sunny at our location. However, if we do have to cancel a cruise due to inclement weather, we will contact you at the phone number you gave us when you made the reservation. If you are concerned and haven’t been contacted, please feel free to call us. Also note that rain squalls do occur on the Panama coast, but generally pass over within 10-15 minutes without interfering with our cruises.

Is smoking allowed on the cruise?

No. Due to the seating on our boats and for the comfort of everyone on our cruises, we ask that you not smoke while we are out enjoying the ocean air and Florida sunshine.

Are your boats accessible by wheelchair?

Unfortunately, no. We do welcome individuals with mobility issues who require the use of a cane or walker. The Captain and the crew will do whatever we can to help get you safely aboard and settled on deck.

Are there bathroom facilities?

No. However, there are facilities on our dock that you are welcome to use before and after our cruise.

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Welcome to DOLPHIN EXPRESS, your touring destination for dolphin tours in Panama City Beach Florida! Come spend some time on our open-deck boat and experience the adventure of cruising the Gulf of Mexico, enjoying the beautiful coast of Shell Island and of course-being entertained by the playful antics of bottlenose dolphins.

DOLPHIN EXPRESS is conveniently located on the Lighthouse Marina in the heart of Panama City Beach. Our tours are scheduled throughout the day and early evening, making it easy to fit into your busy vacation plans. Call DOLPHIN EXPRESS today and book your adventure with the dolphins!

DOLPHIN EXPRESS is an interactive tour that is fun for all ages. It is a narrated tour that will teach you fun facts about dolphins, birds and some history of the bay.

While on board, you will also get to bring out your inner child with hula hoop contests, water cannon fights and line dancing with the crew and other guests. Be ready for the wind in your face and an exciting ride during the fast cruises out the pass and along the beaches. There is a good chance that you will get wet from the splashing waves and water cannons so dress appropriately and leave valuables in your car.